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Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School

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Strategic Compass

Brebeuf Jesuit’s strong academic program follows more than 450 years of academic tradition. Education in the Jesuit tradition has remained committed to expansive and critical thinking, to competent and compassionate ethical concern, to creative and artistic expression, and to excellence. The Jesuits, renowned for intellectual accomplishment spanning many centuries, have long believed that academic achievement grounded in religious faith, the dignity of the human person, and the need to educate and care for the entire person is the key to forming well-rounded individuals.

To live Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam is a way of being that permeates every thought, every deed, every action and inaction – all is contemplated, all for the greater glory of God. Our community is embracing the opportunity to define and bring to life a way of delivering Jesuit education through an Ignatian lens just at St. Ignatius of Loyola had intended. These intentions draw from tradition and forge an innovative path, as faculty members in the classroom; as staff and administrators encouraging and executing; as parents supporting and providing; and as alumni leading and championing. The time to seek distinction, to learn, live, and lead with Ignatian inspiration is now. We begin, as one community, on a new journey.

Our vision for the school’s future is that Brebeuf Jesuit, rooted in the Jesuit tradition, will be the best college preparatory school in central Indiana by providing an outstanding academic program and ensuring the education of the whole person. This vision will not come easily, or without substantial resources. The academic and financial targets in this plan will require more of everyone in the Brebeuf community. The plan reflects both our aspirations and our challenges; what we want to become, as well as how we want to respond to what lies ahead. We believe the time is right to move boldly towards this vision.