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Daily Examen


The last couple of minutes at the end of each Brebeuf Jesuit school day are spent in quiet reflection.

This is an opportunity for all members of our school community to consider moments during the day for which they are grateful, moments in which they were challenged, and moments in which they may have fallen short.  In this prayer, our students, faculty, and staff are asked to recognize God is in all these moments, to be thankful for each day, and to strive to do better the next day.


The Daily Examen is a prayer by which St. Ignatius, founder of the Society of Jesus, attempted to recognize the presence of God in his daily life.  His followers in the Jesuit tradition continue this daily practice.

Alumni, parents, and friends are invited to join the Brebeuf Jesuit school community in this afternoon time of reflection.  Whether you are at your desk, doing chores at home, or running errands, settle yourself for a couple of minutes, and join Brebeuf Jesuit students, faculty, and staff for a moment of prayer.

Daily Examen

In God's presence, review the events of your day. Recall the moments during this day for which you are grateful, Remind yourself that God is in all of these moments.

Now, consider the challenges you may have faced today. Remember that God is present when we face our difficulties and gives us courage, peace, and wisdom; God makes all things possible.

Now, reflect on when you may have fallen short today. Recall that God helps us to understand our failings and forgives us.

Finally, let us give thanks to God for the gift of this day, and look forward to the graces God has for us tomorrow.