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Equity and Inclusion

President of Brebeuf Jesuit, Fr. Bill Verbryke, walking down the hallway with three smiling students

The mission of the Center for Equity and Inclusion (CEI) at Brebeuf Jesuit is to support, empower, and build relationships with students from all backgrounds, and to promote personal and pedagogical growth within the school community.

Brebeuf Jesuit seeks to produce graduates who are intellectually competent, open to growth, religious, loving, and committed to doing justice.

In pursuit of this goal, a diverse student body becomes part of the educational experience, better preparing students to work in an increasingly multicultural world and one in which local, national, and international tensions are often grounded in cultural, religious, or linguistic differences.

Brebeuf Jesuit’s mission and core values both acknowledge the place of diversity within the life of the school.

Equity and inclusion at Brebeuf Jesuit is about more than just demographics; it’s about being a place where all are welcomed and affirmed as reflections of God, who is in all things.

As such, Brebeuf Jesuit’s equity and inclusion initiatives and programs enhance the life of the school, contributing to an open and accepting environment. The motivation to reach out to people from all backgrounds and every part of the world is fundamental to the Society of Jesus. As a Jesuit secondary school, Brebeuf Jesuit continues this tradition.

Equity and Inclusion programming at Brebeuf Jesuit includes:

  • Student Initiatives
  • Faculty and Staff Engagement
  • Parents and Community

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