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Admissions FAQ

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Brebeuf Jesuit Admissions Policy 

The Brebeuf Jesuit Admissions Committee, composed of faculty, counselors, administrators, and clergy, holistically reviews each candidate’s portfolio of application requirements. There is a multi-layered application review process to determine admissions decisions, which is thorough, mission-focused, and based on many factors. The level of competitiveness of the admissions process is determined by the level of interest and the number of applications submitted for each deadline. The Brebeuf Jesuit Admissions Committee recognizes the importance of the process, and at the heart of their discernment is the care of the candidate.

While we do not reveal the specifics regarding admissions decisions, here are areas of focus for the Brebeuf Jesuit Admissions Committee:

  • Academic achievement, intellectual breadth and depth of academic studies
  • Contributions to the school community and the learning environment
  • Brebeuf Jesuit’s ability to meet the candidate’s learning and behavioral support needs
  • Service or volunteer experience
  • Formal or informal involvement in religious or spiritual experiences 
  • Co-curricular involvement, in areas such as sports, music, art, speech, or drama
  • Positive character traits, including initiative, motivation, leadership qualities, resilience, and creativity
  • Demonstrated interest in attending Brebeuf Jesuit

As the only Jesuit school in Indiana, Brebeuf Jesuit seeks to admit a student body with varying talents, perspectives, backgrounds, passions, and experiences who are dedicated to living out the Brebeuf Jesuit Mission and becoming men and women for others