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Admissions FAQ

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What criteria does Brebeuf Jesuit utilize for admissions?

Brebeuf Jesuit looks for the following in its applicants:

  • Intellectual breadth and depth in academics
  • Co-curricular involvement, in areas such as sports, music, art, speech or drama
  • Service or volunteer experience
  • Religious/spiritual experience such as church/synagogue or other opportunities for formal or informal religious exposure
  • Positive character traits, including initiative, creativity, originality, and leadership
  • Interest in attending Brebeuf Jesuit
  • In addition, Brebeuf Jesuit recognizes that a mix of qualified students from varying backgrounds (racial, ethnic, socio-economic and geographic) provides a rich experience of human interaction for all at Brebeuf Jesuit. We give special consideration to applicants who help us achieve such diversity. Brebeuf Jesuit also gives special consideration to applicants who are siblings of current students, offspring or siblings of alumni, or offspring of current faculty, staff and/or Board members.