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School Counseling

Who are Brebeuf's School Counselors?

Brebeuf ’s team of school counselors are all accredited by the National Board of Certified Counselors as Nationally Certified Counselors (NCC) and have been distinguished by the American School Counselor Association as coordinators of a Recognized ASCA Model Program (RAMP). Brebeuf ’s School Counseling team is also a Gold-Star Award recipient for excellence in Academic Counseling by the Indiana Department of Education.

Rayven Ashworth

Director of School Counseling

Allen Glunt

Head Boys Basketball Coach, School Counselor

How does a School Counselor schedule each student’s classes?

  • The school counselors teach Freshman Seminar and address student needs whenever possible, while also verifying that each student is on track for a timely graduation. After the school counselors present course information to students in January, they meet with each of their students (and parents if they wish to attend) to plan their schedule for the following year.
  • In March or April, a master schedule is created based on students’ course requests and teacher availability. Then, in May and June, the school counselors establish each student’s schedule. Typically, each student’s schedule is reviewed a total of four times before the student receives it to ensure they graduate on-time.
  • The school counselors always have an open-door policy for any student to request adjustments to their upcoming course schedule by making an appointment or walking in to see their counselor during a class break.

Graduation Requirements

Our counselors ensure each student follows Brebeuf ’s graduation requirements, while tailoring their coursework to their interests and special abilities. Brebeuf ’s graduation requirements mirror, and with minimal adjustments, meet and even exceed the Indiana Academic Honors Diploma requirements.

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How do School Counselors Help Students?

Get to Know Each Student

Incoming students are assigned a counselor in the spring prior to their enrollment at Brebeuf. The counselor and student are able to build a strong relationship through their four-year journey at Brebeuf. Counselors will get to know students' interests and talents, and help build a four-year course plan that can prepare them not only for Brebeuf and Indiana’s graduation requirements, but also for their specific college and career goals.

Help Students

Whenever students feel they need a challenge, are struggling or overwhelmed, or want to change their coursework goals, our counselors provide them with study skills, academic planning, and personal counseling. They can even connect students to tutors in areas where they need assistance.

Serve as Representatives

Counselors advocate for student needs and interests to teachers and administrators. Teachers will often consult with School Counselors about individual students or classroom management. Administrators also collaborate with School Counselors to fine-tune specific areas of the curriculum to address all student needs and learning styles.