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Mission Statement and Core Values

Brebeuf Jesuit Mission Statement

Brebeuf Jesuit, a Catholic and Jesuit school, provides an excellent college preparatory education for a lifetime of service by forming leaders who are intellectually competent, open to growth, loving, religious and committed to promoting justice. Fostering a culture of understanding and dialogue, Brebeuf Jesuit seeks and welcomes students from diverse religious, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. Students at Brebeuf Jesuit are called to discover and cultivate the fullness of their God-given talents as a responsibility and as an act of worship.

Core Values


Brebeuf Jesuit fosters the intellectual, spiritual, physical, emotional and social development of every student. Each student is challenged and inspired to strive for academic excellence, to engage whole-heartedly in co-curricular activities, to develop confidence in leadership abilities and to discover God’s presence in everyday life. As students grow in each of these areas, they become more able to share their unique gifts as men and women for others. 


Brebeuf Jesuit believes that the authentic development of each student unfolds within a safe and supportive environment. Rooted in the Catholic tradition and guided by its Jesuit heritage, the Brebeuf community embraces the fullness and diversity of creation, accepts and respects all people, and encourages genuine interreligious and intercultural dialogue. Brebeuf Jesuit’s ultimate goal is that every student will journey through life with the confident assurance of a personal friendship with a loving God.


Through intellectual pursuit, prayerful discernment and generous service, Brebeuf Jesuit strives to give students the foundation, the skills and the will to make the world more just, humane and loving.  All are called to a holy boldness – to do all things for the greater glory of God.