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The Office of Facilities Management is responsible for maintaining all aspects of campus buildings and physical infrastructure, including building alterations, repairs and renovations, maintenance, grounds maintenance, athletic facility management, custodial operations, and energy and utility management.

Buildings and Grounds Committee

The Building and Grounds Committee assists the Board of Trustees to review and oversee the School’s facilities to ensure that they are safe and adequate to advance the mission and vision of the School.  The Building and Grounds Committee will monitor and review the needs of the School relating to buildings and grounds and will recommend to the Board of Trustees items to be included in the maintenance and upkeep budgets.  The Building and Grounds Committee will work with the appropriate administrative staff of the School to be responsible for developing a list of building deficiencies and will provide the Board of Trustees a list of those needs for both a one year and a five year period.  The Building and Grounds Committee shall also serve as a vehicle of communication to the members of the Board of Trustees on matters affecting Building and Grounds.

Pesticide Notification Schedule