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Job Opening - Assistant Director of Campus Ministry

The Assistant Director of Campus Ministry reports to the Director of Campus Ministry.


(Note: The following list of responsibilities is not exhaustive. Others may be assigned, subject to reasonable accommodations.)

The purpose of the Department of Campus Ministry at Brebeuf Jesuit is to:

  • Give living witness to the Gospel and the mission and core values of Brebeuf Jesuit, making the Gospel and our mission and values attractive to all in the Brebeuf Jesuit Community and to those whom our community encounters.
  • Be present and available to the student body at Brebeuf Jesuit as our students explore questions of faith, confront the struggles of teenage life, and celebrate and savor their experiences of success and growth — listening more than giving advice or counsel and being prepared to direct students to other professionals when appropriate.
  • Training and coaching the students responsible for offering the morning prayer and daily examen, meeting regularly with student leaders to ensure the prayers and examens offered draw attention to important religious holidays and community initiatives and reflect Brebeuf Jesuit’s mission and core values.
  • Support the immediate spiritual needs of the community as they arise and as called upon by the school’s leadership team and administration.
  • Scheduling, planning, preparing, executing, and evaluating the program of retreats.
  • Scheduling, planning, preparing, executing, and evaluating other appropriate spiritual and faith formation initiatives throughout the year and seasonally.
  • Supporting the preparation and execution of school liturgies under the direction of school leadership.

To accomplish this purpose, the members of the Department of Campus Ministry will need to:

  • Have an integrated and shared sense of the objectives of the program of retreats.  Each member of the campus ministry team should be able to articulate this shared sense of objectives.  The movements of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola should undergird the program of retreats at Brebeuf Jesuit.  The various retreats should also be relevant to what students are experiencing intellectually in the Department of Religious Studies and actively through the efforts of the Department of Community Service.

Some areas of focus for retreats for each of the four classes include the following:


  • Building community – making friends and connections and growing in the ability to thrive in a culture that celebrates diversity
    • Thinking about existence and the Reason for all that exists — i.e. God 
    • Beginning to understand and appreciate the examen
  • We currently offer a day-long retreat for the whole class in the fall semester. 


  • Gaining skills in prayer and reflection
    • Noticing change and growth in oneself and others
    • Preparing for leadership
  • We currently offer a two day overnight retreat four times a year, 2 retreats fall semester and 2 retreats spring semester.


  • Coming to know more deeply or to know for the first time oneself as one who is loved
    • Dreaming about possibilities
    • Hearing a call to offer leadership and service in each one’s unique and particular ways
  • We currently offer the Kairos retreats four times a year, 2 retreats for juniors and 2 retreats for seniors. There is a desire to move Kairos into a Junior retreat only in the future.


  • Gaining new skills for discernment and decision making
    • Confronting the cost of following one’s dreams
    • Celebrating and savoring the graces of the Brebeuf Jesuit experien

Besides the 2 Kairos retreats designated for seniors, we currently offer 2 Senior Road Trip retreats, one in the fall semester and one in the spring semester.

  • Participate in the conversations of the Student Faith Formation Leadership Group, which includes the Vice President for Mission and Identity, the Department Chair of Religious Studies Department, the Director of Campus Ministry, and the Director of the Department of Community Service.
  • Order supplies and equipment and store these in an orderly manner.  
  • Prepare and manage a department budget.

Qualified candidates will be practicing Catholics who have a deep and integrated understanding and love for the Church.  They will have a lively and growing relationship with God and an appreciation for and at least some grasp of an Ignatian approach to spirituality.  

They will be eager to grow in their application of Ignatian principles as they gently and wisely accompany others who are engaging in faith and a relationship with God, some at the very beginning of that encounter and others long into the journey.  

Qualified candidates should have the capacity to fruitfully accompany those of other faiths and religious traditions, as well as those who express no faith or follow no particular tradition.

It will be important for the Assistant Director of Campus Ministry to have the skills related to accessing the spiritual needs and capacity of the school community as the department responds to immediate issues and executes its planned efforts and initiatives.

The Assistant Director of Campus Ministry should be able to effectively lead public prayer and assist in the planning of Masses and other liturgies and prayer services.

Leadership skills, especially those related to communications, planning, sharing leadership, evaluation, and follow through are required.

Experience developing age and ability level appropriate retreat experiences for high school students is important.  Experience in grounding these retreats in Ignatian spirituality would be helpful, as would experience working in a multi-faith context.

It is expected that the Assistant Director of Campus ministry will have an undergraduate or graduate degree in theology or ministry or equivalent knowledge gained through relevant practical experience or formal training.

Experience with Ignatian spirituality and an ability to lead others in engaging with God and the world in this way will be valued.

Please click here to access the online application.

Brebeuf Jesuit is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  All qualified applicants, including minorities, women, protected veterans, and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

If you have any questions concerning the application process, please contact Human Resources at


Brebeuf Jesuit, a Catholic and Jesuit school, provides an excellent college preparatory education for a lifetime of service by forming leaders who are intellectually competent, open to growth, loving, religious and committed to promoting justice. Fostering a culture of understanding and dialogue, Brebeuf Jesuit seeks and welcomes students from diverse religious, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. Students at Brebeuf Jesuit are called to discover and cultivate the fullness of their God-given talents as a responsibility and as an act of worship.

Job Description

Click the link below to download a packet and learn more about this position.

Assistant Director of Campus Ministry Job Packet